Ever since Kornél and I started Ingatlanpáholy, we knew exactly that with the help of our similar ambitions and motivation, we could achieve great things in the real estate industry both within and beyond borders. The company has developed nicely in recent years, the number and quality of colleagues has increased a lot, in addition to the fact that we have never compromised on quality – in addition, last year there was also a need to survey the foreign real estate market.
That’s when Zsolt joined the company, who, after completing the market research, signed the first foreign contracts, and thus IP International was born! This part of the company will operate as a hub: we help all our Hungarian clients find, buy and, if necessary, manage real estate in the given country, all with contracted partners and professional collaborations, even on site. Of course, I also participate in this foreign partnership, namely with the real estate market of Spain!

With an existing contracted partner and additional partnerships and collaborations that are currently under negotiation, we can already help with the purchase of coastal properties as well as real estate in Madrid and Barcelona, but by 2024 we want collaborations with which we can implement meaningful assistance in all autonomous regions.

So if you would like to invest or move abroad, feel free to contact me, we can help you immediately in 7 countries, and this number is likely to increase soon! Feel free to search for our current offer!